What Does Your Lawyer Do?

Once you are on the ‘home run’ things can get rather busy. There’s a lot of legal work going on, papers to sign, insurance to think about, money to find – and a “move in” plan. The legal side of things Finding a good lawyer and involving them right from

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Tips for First Time Property Investors

Set your property investment goals: Keep asking yourself “why are you investing”. Keeping sight of the end rewards can help you stay motivated. Understand your current situation: Get a detailed understanding of your current financial situation, the skills you may have that will help as an investor / landlord. Understand

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Fix or Float your Interest Rates

So should you fix? Should you float? Or do a bit of both? If you’re toying with this question you’re certainly not alone. Homeowners across the nation are debating what’s the best move to make. And unfortunately there’s no clear-cut right or wrong answer. The only way to get the

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