I work with borrowers of all types to help you secure the best mortgage for your situation. Every type of mortgage is unique and requires different considerations for lenders. Your lending criteria may not fall into any of these categories, and that’s alright. I am still happy to do a consultation with you and offer lending advice tailored to your situation.

Other common lending types that I work with are:

Rental Investors

Loans on investment properties require a very specialised application to lenders. The costs of the rental and the potential income of the property are carefully factored to determine lending eligibility. I work with you to calculate the expenses and potential income of the property to demonstrate this to potential lenders. For investors with a portfolio we can also look at leveraging other assets for additional financing options. Whether you are buying your first rental property or looking to grow your existing portfolio, I can offer you great advice and lending options to ensure your properties see a great return on investment.

Land, Construction, and Renovation Loans

Mortgages can be taken out to build new or renovate existing homes. This type of lending does not follow the same conventions as a typical mortgage. My job is to walk you through to the process, to give you an idea here are some of the ways land, construction, and renovation loans are different. There are several options for paying for a construction project and this can affect your loan. Lenders will also typically look at the property valuation before and after construction or renovation, which requires thorough documentation to present an estimated valuation. Lastly, loan repayments can be structured so that repayments are lower during the build phase when other expenses are likely to be much higher for you. For financing for new builds or renovations, I can give you the best advise and help you find the best mortgage options for your project.

Asset Finance

Asset Finance is a loan structure designed for businesses to purchase capital assets. These assets can include things like; business motor vehicles, commercial equipment and vehicles, construction and heavy equipment, machinery, and medical systems. Asset Finance allows businesses to own a piece of equipment while paying it off and the asset acts as it’s own collateral, making this a very attractive option for many businesses. If you would like to discuss your next business asset purchase, I would be happy to walk you through your options and find the right lending partner you.

Personal and Car Loans

Personal loans are incredibly versatile and are used for a number of purposes. Many use personal loans to consolidate debt commitments, other for holidays, or even unexpected home repairs. Car loans are, of course, specific to buying a personal vehicle. Whatever the purpose, I can work with you to find the right lender for a personal loan or a care loan. For those with existing personal loans and car loans, I can also assist you with refinancing options as well.

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